The Jerusalem Ridge Festival


JRBC 2011
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When and where is the Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Celebration held?
A. It is held once a year. In 2011 it will be held September 27th thru October 2nd at the Bill Monroe Home place in Rosine, KY

2. Is camping permitted at the festival?
A. Rough camping (NO hookups) is available on the farm.. A water hydrant is available to fill water tanks and a truck is available to empty waste tanks for a small fee. No reservations are required.

3. Where can I camp if I need RV hookups?
A. The closest campground with hookups is the Ohio County Park in Hartford, about 9 miles west of the Ridge. They can be contacted at 270-298-4466. Rough River State Park is 25 miles away and their number is 270-257-2311. West KY RV park is also 25 miles away and their number is 270-757-0345.

4. Are generators allowed in the festival camping area?
A. The quiet kind of generators (whisper) are the only kinds allowed. The strict rule regarding generators is that they not be a bother (fumes, noise, etc.) to neighboring campers. Campers are in close quarters so after hours operation of a generator may not always be possible.

5. Is food & drink available at the festival?
A. There will be a number of quality food vendors on site that cater to most any taste.

6. Is there assistance available to the mobility impaired?
A. Wheelchair accessible shuttle vans run continuously from the camping/parking area to the performance area. If additional assistance is needed, volunteers with golf carts are on hand to assist as required. There are wheelchair accessible porta-potties scattered throughout the site.

7. Can I use my own golf cart to get to the performance area?
A. For safety reasons private golf carts are not allowed out of the camping/parking area.

8. Are there showers available?
A. Yes
, there are a limited number available in the Ranger's Station which is about 100 yards from the Monroe Home Place. Bring your towel, soap, and shampoo. Showers open at 6AM and cost $ 3.00. Good chance Doc will make yo a cup of coffee.

9. Are dogs allowed?
A. Friendly, quiet, non-threatening dogs are permitted on site but must be leashed at all times. Please clean up after your pet.

10. Are alcoholic beverages allowed or available for purchase?
A. Rosine is located in a “dry” county where possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages is illegal. Sheriffs’ deputies on site will strictly enforce this law as it applies to public consumption.

11. What time does the entertainment start and where can I find out the performance schedule?
A. The music starts each day @ 10 AM and runs until approximately 10 PM. On Tuesday, the first day of the festival, the music will start mid-afternoon. A continuously updated performance schedule can be found at our web site:

12. Where can I get tickets?
A. Tickets can either be purchased in advance by phone (270-274-9181) or at the gate. Credit cards are accepted ONLY for advance sale. No credit cards are accepted at the gate.

13. Is there a “senior discount”?
A. Since a large number of our festival attendees are senior citizens, a discount has already been figured in.

14. Am I going to have any problems getting my large RV/old car/motorcycle/bicycle up the road to the festival?
A. If you made it all the way to Rosine Kentucky, the last mile should be no problem!

15. Are campfires allowed?
A. Only if they are in contained grills cookers. When you leave the grill put the fire completely out.